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Muhammadiyah May Get Serious about Running Retail Business

MUHAMMADIYAH.ID, YOGYAKARTA – Muhammadiyah always seeks to empower people’s economy by intensifying retail and supermarkets managed by Muhammadiyah and Muhammadiyah networking.

The empowerment was initiated by Jaringan Saudagar Muhammadiyah (JSM-Muhammadiyah Merchant Network) and Majlis of Economy and Entrepreneurship (MEK) of Muhammadiyah through Diskusi Ruang Toko JSM (JSM Shop Discussion) on Friday (6/11)

In the discussion on “Sharing Retail Business with the Citra Swalayan Group”, the JSM prompted Muhammadiyah in regional and local levels to foster the retail and supermarkets so that people’s economy can lean on the business.

Chief of the MEK Herry Zudianto stated that the business development requires excellent human resources. Thus, regional, local and branch levels of the JSM should begin paying attention their human resources.

“We, the MPK, are delighted that the retail business of the JSM is getting greater and we can emulate the growth,” expressed Herry.

Besides, a retail entrepreneur and owner of the Citra Swalayan Group Guspardi Gaus who became the speaker in the discussion showed his support to develop the business.

Guspardi stated that Muhammadiyah should play roles in the retail and supermarkets. The existing ones should be evolved and the developing ones should be supported.

Guspardi, who was also the House of Representatives of Commission II and the Former Chief of the MPK of Sumatera Barat, motivated the audience to dare to begin the business. He conveyed that startup capital is not everything, but high willingness is the most essential aspect.

He has stated his business since he was an activist of IMM Ciputat after he graduated from UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta. He is now governing 15 retail units in Padang and Regency of Sijunjung and planning to cultivate his business in Jabodetabek.

“Many people are worried about not having money and not being able to expanding their business.  I told you that the startup capital is not everything. I am a proof starting business with startup capital of one million rupiah and acting as a leader, staff, and supplier at the same time,” he mentioned.

Furthermore, Guspandi explained that the other vital aspect of managing business is endeavor because achieving something entails hard work and persistence.

“Access or networking is also necessary to build and develop business. That needs to be done by the JSM which already has retail,” emphasized Guspandi.

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